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In South Texas, there aren’t enough homes for children to take refuge while their lives are in flux, so we’re mitigating that problem by building a literal neighborhood complete with homes, playgrounds, rec areas, and onsite respite care providers to love and support foster children. This will:

- Keep sibling groups together.

- Provide quick response respite care.

- Provide housing for kids who have aged out of foster care.

Children deserve to have someone tuck them into bed each night, to help them with their homework, to teach them how to ride a bike, and to watch them grow up. However, there are children in the foster care system that haven’t been able to have some of these things.

Through compassionate care and connection to the community, Agape Ranch gives these children places to call home and families that love them so that they can know that they are loved and valued.

Find out more about the three types of homes in the neighborhood at The Ranch.

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