Global Environmental Assessments & Response (GEAR)



About Us

The GEAR name and logo are emblematic of our mission. GEAR will succeed with the determined hard work required for an economically sustainable civilization in the industrial age. The resources of the earth must be assessed and managed in a responsible manner if our work is destined to assure a sustainable future. Our mission is to support responsible corporate citizenship.

Global Environmental Assessments & Response (GEAR) is an environmental management and consulting firm, established initially as EAST in 1986. GEAR has extensive risk management experience in general environmental, sustainability, waste, recycling, and safety issues. The principals of GEAR have consulted to Fortune 500 companies worldwide and have been trusted to develop environmental plans, evaluations, and assessments for ongoing management, acquisitions, mergers, insurance claims, and other corporate due diligence. GEAR understands complex federal, state, and local environmental management regulations and organizations. GEAR provides the guidance that our clients need to assess environmental safety, and security risks, develop plans and management strategies, and address issues that require mitigation.


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