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HTeaO Corpus Christi



About Us

In 2009 Gary & Kim Hutchens began the incredible journey of HTeaO with a hunch and a vision. For years Gary had been selling his flavored iced teas in his burger restaurant Buns Over Texas. Having seen his drive thru iced tea business continue to grow he made a strategic decision to use the construction of his new Buns Over Texas as an opportunity to add a dedicated tea store to the end of his new building. Texas Tea was officially born.
We are brewing up something incredible at HTeaO. In January 2018 we launched our franchise prototype store in Midland, TX. Our desire is to provide ultra-premium Tea, Water, and related products that give people safe and healthy food choices in a fun and clean environment. We are committed to providing the absolute best quality iced tea money can buy in a retail environment. With the incredible support of our customers we have entered a season where we teach, train and mentor franchisees in growing their own successful business. Would you like to join us?

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