Instituto de Cultura Hispanica de Corpus Christi

Instituto de Cultura Hispanica de Corpus Christi



About Us

The IHCCC serves the Corpus Christi community through cultural and educational programs, which are provided free of charge or at very nominal cost and may be in collaboration with local organizations and citizens.
These activities include:
* Classes in English;
* Art exhibitions;
* Historical, literary, linguistic, and folklore, lectures;
* Food tastings
Education is a top priority for the ''Instituto de Cultura Hispánica''. To date, the Scholarship Program has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to university students.
Funds for the Institute’s scholarship program are raised primarily through the Annual Gala. This affair, with its beautiful flag parade and prominent community citizens being honored, commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month.
Today, the ICHCC continues to preserve, enhance and promulgate the Hispanic culture and language.


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