M. E. Allison & Company, Inc.

M. E. Allison & Company, Inc.



About Us

M.E. Allison & Company, Inc., established in 1946 in San Antonio, Texas, stands as the oldest privately owned investment firm in the State of Texas. With a rich history spanning over seven decades, the firm has maintained its corporate presence in San Antonio since its founding. Specializing in providing unparalleled investment services, M.E. Allison & Co., Inc. operates as a full-service independent broker/dealer, functioning as an introducing firm on a fully disclosed basis.

The firm's roots lie in its initial focus on delivering financial advisory and underwriting services to municipal entities across Texas. As a founding member of the Municipal Advisory Council of Texas, M.E. Allison & Co., Inc. has played a pivotal role in shaping the financial infrastructure of the state. Noteworthy accomplishments include being instrumental in funding the first toll bridge through bonds, underwriting the second housing bond issue in Texas, spearheading the first advance refunding bond issue in the state, and facilitating the funding of the initial industrial revenue bond issue. The firm also holds the distinction of financing the first water transportation pipeline and contributing to the funding of the first swimming pool in Texas using revenue bonds.

Throughout its long-standing history, M.E. Allison & Co., Inc. has remained dedicated to delivering comprehensive investment services, and its legacy is intertwined with significant milestones in Texas's financial landscape.