Southwest Transplant Alliance

Southwest Transplant Alliance



About Us

Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) serves as a crucial link in the chain of organ and tissue donation for transplantation. As a pivotal member of a nationwide network, STA is dedicated to coordinating the retrieval and distribution of organs and tissues within its Federally Designated Service Area.

Covering an expansive territory, STA's service area encompasses a significant portion of the Southwestern United States, including 10 hospital transplant centers, over 270 hospitals, and 89 counties in Texas along with one county in Arkansas. This vast reach serves a population of approximately 10.5 million residents.

With a steadfast commitment to saving lives through organ and tissue donation, STA operates at the forefront of the transplantation process, ensuring that organs and tissues are efficiently matched with those in need, ultimately providing hope and healing to countless individuals and families.


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