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About Us

The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education (TABPHE) is a statewide, 501c (3) voluntary educational association that represents all levels of higher education and serves as a voice for minority faculty, staff, students and administrators in order to ensure a better educational system for all. TABPHE provides an avenue for professional development opportunities that enrich higher education personnel and improve the quality of their professional growth.

TABPHE’s vision is to ensure that the higher educational system in the state of Texas provides equitable opportunities and advancement for Black personnel while fostering a positive environment for minority students to successfully matriculate.

TABPHE - Corpus Christi believes that human performance, increased productivity, and quality of life are enhanced through the sharing of individual experiences. Higher education personnel are rich in experience, knowledge and skills that play a vital role in helping educational institutions address key goals for achieving success. TABPHE - Corpus Christi provides a statewide vehicle for a diverse, multicultural workforce to learn, share, direct, lead and influence our educational system and serves as a support network for students of African descent promoting higher education, student enrollment, retention, tutoring and networking through the Village initiative.


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