W. L. Bates Company, Inc.

W. L. Bates Company, Inc.



About Us

At W. L .Bates Co., our sixty-plus year history reflects our willingness and ability to approach each new project with an open mind and resourcefulness in finding solutions.

Experience Makes All The Difference

To be effective as your real estate source, W.L. Bates Company, Inc. needs to thoroughly understand your business, including your real estate operations. We start at the earliest stages of a relationship, long before any contractual agreement. In addition to your current business operations, we seek to comprehend your corporate culture, your market area, your customers, your geographical situation, your competitive environment, your business objectives and challenges, and your future goals. In short, we know your industry as well as your position in it and your competition. We also get to know your people, what drives them, and the scope of your real estate holdings. With this information and our long experience, we position ourselves to make informed recommendations and implement specific real estate strategies.